About Loycha We are here to change the way the Loyalty Systems are working, more...


About Loycha We are here to change the way the Loyalty Systems are working, moreover, we are developing a new loyalty network platform for a new era in Blockchain, which will make loyalty programs functional again. In order to achieve this, we will utilize Blockchain, Smart Contracts and mobileapplications. Our plan is to become a leading player in the world of loyalty, as Airbnb is in providing accommodation services without owning real estate, and Uber is in providing transport services without owning vehicles. The real part of the revolution that our team will bring, is that customer data residing on our loyalty application will belong to the customers and only they will own it. As we all know, private customer data, like activities with airlines, car rental companies or even in any social media environment etc. all remain in the corresponding companies’ databases even if we wish to switch to another company or software. With Loycha, the data will not need to move anywhere. It will remain in the customer's personal database and customers will be able to choose who will see their data. This operation will be as easy as opt-in and opt-out in a mobile application to show and hide these data from partners. New partners will be able to easily see customers activities and probe customer loyalty value and customer metrics. Partners will be able to join and be a part of the Loycha at ZERO COST. There are no joining fees or implementation fees. Partners will not incur any hardware cost. Partners will have partnerships with all other Loycha partners and be able to execute cross-marketing campaigns and gain new customers from the Loycha partner network. Loycha will disrupt the marketing sector by removing the middleman (the main idea behind Bitcoin and Blockchain) and enabling the companies and their customers to interact directly in a win-win model. The model created by Loycha will enable companies to do their marketing and spend their money directly on their target audience by paying their target audience based on smart-contract advertisements (pay target audience on per click, per view, per download, per purchase etc.). So, instead of paying middle-men like Google, Facebook and other companies that sell advertisements, companies will be able to compete and advertise on their own and dedicate the goods to their customers. We will raise the needed funds using crypto financing or as its better known, ICO (Initial Coin Offering).



名称 : Loycha
简称 : LOY
众筹价格 :
平台 : Stellar
发行总量 : 1亿 LOY
软顶 : 25万 USD
硬顶 : 150万 USD
众筹币种 : ETH, BTC, BCH...


Ozal Mehmet

CEO & Co-Founder

Resat Dilbaz

CTO and Co-Founder

Can Mehmet

Co-Founder & Javascript Developer

Hassan Foreman

Chief Operations Officer

Ali Agaj

Chief Financial Officer

Ersan Ismaili

Project Manager

Ferdi Bejtullahu

Full Stack Developer

Betim Ismaili

Frontend Developer

Genc Beqiri

UI/UX Designer

Denis Mandič

Regional Chief marketing officer and strategic developement in Slovenia

Valmira Abdullahu

Finance administrator

Tiyen Mehmet

Advocate - Legal Advisor

Emma Aggering

Board Member & Advisor

Uranik Begu

Board Member & Advisor

Blerim Rexha

Board Member & Advisor

Ejup Qerimi

Board Member & Advisor

Ejup Qerimi

Board Member & Advisor


  • 2017-12-31

    Create Business Cases; Write White Paper; Collect Right Team Members.

  • 2018-02-28

    Develop Loycha Mobile APP Designs; Create Loycha Website; Create Partner Portal example; Develop working MVP in Test Stellar Network; Test MVP.

  • 2018-05-31

    Develop PRE ICO website; Launch Partner Contracting.

  • 2018-08-31

    Launch Loycha Website; PRE ICO; Trading Loycha Coin in Exchanges; Registration of Loycha Kosovo; Develop new partnerships.

  • 2018-12-31

    Develop the working Beta of the application; Develop referral system for Inviting friends to join Loycha and win coins in return; Social Media Integration; Sports Teams Integration; Mobile Payment with Loycha; Location Based Services; Integrate Loycha to Partner POS Systems; Security and Penetration Tests; Launch Android and IOS apps; Go Live with first partners; Increase the number of customers; Develop new partnerships.

  • 2019-02-28

    Launching Becoming Brand Ambassador Program; Companies / Corporates Integration; Gamification and Badges Development; Expand Loycha in all Country in Kosovo; Expand in All Cities In Nigeria; ICO; Registration of Loycha in Balkan Countries.

  • 2019-05-31

    Registration of Loycha in Turkey; Expand Loycha in Turkey; Expand Loycha in Balkan Countries.


软顶 :
25万 USD
硬顶 :
150万 USD
状态 :