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About Dollero Technology Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are curren...


About Dollero Technology Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are currently used by only a fraction of the population. This is due to the complexity of the technology and the complicated nature of issues surrounding cryptocurrencies and trading with them. As new technologies require some amount of education, we have decided to form the Dollero Club community, where we will motivate members with Dollero coins to educate themselves. In order for the platforms to benefit the most users possible, they will all be simple to use, so that they are accessible to everyone while also providing the tools demanded by the most exacting professionals. In the first phase of the project we will concentrate on creating a community through the Dollero Club, where we will use education to help people understand and adopt the new technology. We will link payment cards to the Dollero Club payment system, which will enable Dollero coin payments to be made. We will create the Dollero Wallet and Dollero Exchange, which will fully protect all deposited funds. Based on our unique levels of security, we will also insure coins deposited with us in cooperation with our partner international insurance companies.  The second phase of the project will be the development of blockchain application for accounting and transport logistics, the specifications and MVP of which will be presented in the second quarter of 2019, and which will be developed in collaboration with our partners. These are the leaders in their field, and the development of these applications will be one of the main criteria of our collaboration. In the next phase, we make our capacities available to interesting new projects, which the Dollero Club community will vote for. We will help them with the preparation of expert project documentation, the organisation and implementation of the ICO, and listing on the Dollero Exchange.



名称 : Dollero Technology
简称 : DLLR
众筹价格 :
平台 : Ethereum
发行总量 : 4000万 DLLR
软顶 : 200万 EUR
硬顶 : 1200万 EUR
众筹币种 :


Michal Repa

Chief Information Officer

Slavomír Kaňuk

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

René Darmoš

Quality Assurance Managment & ICO Advisor

Martin Laskovský

Co-Founder & Head of Analytics

Ján Repa

Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer

Ivan Zubo

General Manager

Vanda Zajacová

Product Manager of Dollero Exchange

Patrik Benčič

Chief Operations Officer


  • 2018-02-28

    Establishment of the Dollero Technology company; Start of marketing and PR communications Use of social media marketing tools (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and Reddit). PR communication via offline media and expansion of the Dollero Club community.

  • 2018-05-31

    Launch of the website www.dollero.tech; Preparation of project documentation; Development of the Dollero Club; Development of the Dollero Wallet; Preparation of the ICO.

  • 2018-08-31

    Issue of own Dollero Wallet - e-wallet with implemented security; Launch of the Dollero Club; Opening of the Academy; Connection of payment cards to the Dollero Club point system; Issue of Dollero coins (DLLR); Implementation of the ICO; Programming of the own Dollero Exchange.

  • 2018-12-31

    Marketing campaign prior to the launch of the Dollero Exchange; Launch of the own exchange with implemented security.

  • 暂无时间

    Blockchain technologies; Support for blockchain projects of other companies.


软顶 :
200万 EUR
硬顶 :
1200万 EUR
状态 :