Arium 2.0

About Arium 2.0 Pronounced “ay-ree-yam", it is the name of a patent-pending cros...


About Arium 2.0 Pronounced “ay-ree-yam", it is the name of a patent-pending cross-border e-commerce platform developed, operated and customized by SPECIAL & PLEASANT PTE. LTD which operates in Singapore. With this platform it is possible to launch a new international e-commerce website easily and free of charge. The translation, payment and delivery are all performed automatically on behalf of the seller (or manufacturer) by the arium platform, therefore international sales can be carried out in the same way as domestic sales. SPECIAL & PLEASANT PTE. LTD has abundant experience operating e-commerce from Japan to other countries. But during those operations we have encountered four major hurdles: 1) translation, 2) advertising costs 3) an opaque international delivery process, and 4) delivery quality.



名称 : Arium 2.0
简称 : XRMT
众筹价格 :
平台 : Ethereum
发行总量 : 100亿 XRMT
软顶 : 500万 USD
硬顶 : 1亿 USD
众筹币种 : BTC, ETH, XRM


Takashi Narita

Representative director and president of SPECIAL & PLEASANT PTE

Gregory Snelgar

Marketing Manager

Somboon Kittisatayawaj

Somboon Kittisatayawaj

Yuta Toyosaku

Kevin Ring

Yoto Takase

Kengo Ozaki

Takaaki Sakai

CEO of ARTIX Corporation Ltd.

Yoshiro Moriyama

Krystelle Galano


Naviin Kapoor


Emmanuel Adams

Ambassador for the Africa region


  • 暂无时间

    - Implementation of the 'Japan to other countries' product distribution functionality. - Automated machine-translation function implemented. - Human-assisted translation function implemented. - Credit card and Paypal payment function implemented. - Implementation of the 'Japan to other countries' package tracking system.

  • 2019-05-31

    - International compatibility (international website, language translation, international shipping). - Delivery system app development. - Translation affiliate system development. - Partner selection with shipping companies in China and the USA.

  • 暂无时间

    - Public release of the arium2.0 platform. - Introduction of the domestic shipping system within Japan (open beta test of the app). - Sign contracts with shipping companies in China and the USA and prepare for the introduction of the app.

  • 暂无时间

    - Introduction of a delivery system in China and USA. - Introduce the cryptocurrency payment system (a method to buy XRM tokens, acquisition of a cryptocurrency exchange). - Partner with shipping companies in various countries, starting with the countries that rank highest in terms of their international e-commerce market size, and expanding to further countries in descending order of market size.

  • 暂无时间

    - AIl translation function development. - Advertising function development (development of a range of effective advertising options using the arium 2.0 purchase data). - Distribution System. - Open the translation and shipping applications for a third-party platform to use.


软顶 :
500万 USD
硬顶 :
1亿 USD
状态 :